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Even with City City West Town is located in the southeast, 26 km away from the city, east, south adjacent to the Yangshan County, west, north and even the City, West Town is bordered by State Road 323 line through the whole territory, the traffic is very convenient. The town a total area of 210.3 square kilometers, has jurisdiction over 11 village committees, 115 village groups, with a total population of 17800 people.
1, West Town is rich in calcium carbonate mineral resources
West Town belongs to the limestone villages, non-metallic mineral resources, rich in natural inventories, especially calcium carbonate, the most prominent of the original ore. In October 2005, after a rigorous assessment, the West Town was named "hometown of calcium carbonate in Guangdong Province." According to Guangdong Geological Exploration Bureau 706 Geological Team, Geological Survey report on West River area, the scope of the amount of marble 2.488 billion tons of ore samples for chemical analysis and physical and chemical properties determination results: CaC0395% containing more than 96% brightness, enjoy "the world The first white "in the world. The amount of 12.319 billion tons of ore limestone, samples for chemical analysis and physical and chemical properties determination results: CaC03 content of 93-98%. In addition, the town area there are relatively rich in talc, wollastonite and other mineral resources.
2, West Town of calcium carbonate resource development
In recent years, the West Town and give full play, "Guangdong Province, the hometown of calcium carbonate," a regional brand to enrich the quality of calcium carbonate resources as the basis, through enhanced services, improve the environment, development measures such as industrial countries, actively carry out the work of Investment. At present, the town of calcium carbonate ore mining companies a total of 8, the annual production capacity of 600,000 tons, calcium carbonate processing enterprises in 27 annual processing capacity 42 million tons. A rich variety of products, even the City Jinyu Plastics Packing Co., Ltd., and with City Chemical Co., Ltd. Shing-lung, two of the 1250 production head, 2500 mesh heavy calcium carbonate superfine powder modified, annual output 30,000 tons, annual output value of more than 2400 yuan. The two companies is the use of domestically produced equipment, vibration grinding vibration of the ore by dry grinding, fine grinding with good effect, modified a thorough, low power consumption, save a lot of packaging materials and handling fees and other objects point. Even City Anlida Chemical Co., Ltd. covers an area of nearly 12 million square meters, designed to produce 160,000 tons of calcium carbonate, the main products are nano-calcium carbonate, ultra-fine heavy calcium carbonate and common light calcium carbonate, machinery and equipment are under way installation and commissioning is expected in August 2008 can be put into normal production, the annual output value will reach 130 million yuan.
Third, development of improved construction of industrial parks, Recruitment Octagon merchants
I rely on the town of calcium carbonate-rich high-quality resources, have been developed outside the pond, flying pairs, the next Liu Tong, Fei Ngo Shan Ping four specialized production of calcium carbonate park, year by year to increase capital investment, improve the supply of industrial parks, water supply, communications, roads and other infrastructure construction. Currently settled in the town to set up four industrial parks calcium carbonate business from Hebei, Shanghai, Guangxi, Fujian, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Taiwan and Guangdong Pearl River Delta and other places of the merchants. And a woven packaging material plants and freight teams and other supporting businesses located in the Park, the town I greatly optimized Investment environment and promote the aggregation of calcium carbonate industry. At present, I am the town to meet the development needs of industry, calcium carbonate, in the Daejeon area village side of State Road 323, has developed a Ka Fuk Industrial Park, plans to develop an area of 1000 mu. In the industrial park can enjoy the company settled with the city government formulated various preferential policies, such as the lowest in the province can enjoy a comprehensive electricity, the province's most flat electricity prices. West Town public moral, the town from top to bottom to form a pro-business, love a good cultural environment for business. With the resources of the calcium carbonate powder materials are widely used in plastics, rubber, paper, paints, inks, building materials, daily-use chemical industry, medicine, food, feed and other industries, with the advancement of technology and technological innovation, calcium carbonate powder Body material applications will be more extensive, it must be a sunrise industry in the 21st century. Welcome domestic and foreign investors to invest in the West Town home, purchase calcium carbonate product.
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The Hometown Of Calcium Carbonate - Lianzhou Guangdong Province - China Low-voltage Power Cable

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