Role of Calcium in Rapid Weight Loss

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Is your dieting causing nutritional deficiency in your bones?

When we diet there is a probability that our bones can be deprived of the necessary nutritional demands and it can lead to a disease osteoporosis. Many diets are promising and assure us of rapid weight loss but the draw back of such diets is that nutrients like calcium that are essential for our body are missing from the diet list which can lead to loss of bones.

Calcium is not only necessary for the development of bones but can also provide us with a way towards healthy eating and a diet with low fat. Researches have proved that diets, which are sufficient in calcium, can be useful to lose fat.

How is calcium important for weight loss?

Calcium acts as a fat burner. Diets that are rich in calcium can be useful for burning of fat than storing the unnecessary fat. Calcium is useful for weight loss because the amount of calcium that is stored in the fat cells helps in storage and decomposition of fat. Calcium can hugely affect our body weight. For example those people whose take calcium in a high amount have less weight as compared to those people who take calcium in a very less amount and their weight is also more.

Especially in women it is observed that low intake of calcium highly leads to gain of weight to a great extent.

Firstly it was observed in adults and school children that large amount of calcium intake can decrease the production of fat in body. It was thought that it might have the same results in teenage and mature girls.

Are dairy products involved in gain of weight?

Dieters mostly think that dairy milk products are highly involved in weight gain but the modern researches have proved that it is not correct.

Diets rich in calcium can help to increase weight loss. About 20 previous researches have shown this that dairy milk products help a lot in weight loss.

The First Annual Nutrition Week Conference suggested that the calcium intake equal to the two dairy servings each day can help to decrease the risk of obesity by 70%.

The low fat milk product contains the specific amount of calcium, which helps to maintain our body weight.

Calcium rich diets can include yogurt as the source of calcium and can lead to more fat loss than that in low calcium diet.

Calcium present in dairy products is the most efficient nutrient to reduce weight than other forms of calcium.

Why does dairy calcium works so efficiently?

Modern researches have shown that nutrients other than calcium found in dairy milk products can also help in efficient weight loss like calcium.

Glycomacropeptides is a derivative of milk and present in proteins and it is used to develop feelings of fullness while eating and it ultimately decreases the food intake.

Foods that are rich in calcium may include baked beans, ice creams, milk, butter, broccoli, cheese, green vegetables and fish bones etc.

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Role of Calcium in Rapid Weight Loss

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This article was published on 2010/04/02