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Nano calcium carbonate the most mature industry is the plastics industry is mainly used in high-grade plastic products.

Also known as ultra fine nano calcium carbonate calcium carbonate. The name of the standard that is ultra-fine calcium carbonate. Nano calcium carbonate the most mature industry is the plastics industry is mainly used in high-grade plastic products. For automotive internal sealed by PVC plastisol. Can improve the rheology of plastic masterbatch and enhance its formability. Used as a plastic filler with a toughening and strengthening of the role, increase the plastic's bending strength and modulus, heat distortion temperature and dimensional stability, while also giving plastic hysteresis heat.

Nano calcium carbonate for printing ink products that reflect the excellent dispersion and transparency and excellent gloss, and excellent ink absorption and high dryness. Nano-calcium carbonate in the resin-based ink for ink filling, with good stability, high gloss, does not affect the drying properties of printing inks. Strong adaptability.

Paper is the development of nano-calcium carbonate the most potential market. At present, nano-calcium carbonate is also used in a special paper products, such as women use sanitary napkins, baby diapers and so on. Nanometer active calcium carbonate as a paper filler has the following advantages: high opacity, high brightness paper products can improve whiteness and opacity; high swell, make paper mills to use more padding and a significant reduction in raw material costs; size small, homogeneous product more uniform and smooth; oil absorption value is high, can improve the color of the paper is expected to firm

Nano-calcium carbonate fillers in the paint industry as a pigment with a delicate, uniform, white high, and good optical performance. Nano-scale ultra-fine calcium carbonate with a steric effect. In paints, the formula allows a greater density of lithopone suspension, played the role of anti-settlement. Paints, the film whiteness increase, high gloss, while the hiding power is not reduced, mainly for high-end cars paint.

Rubber Industry nano calcium carbonate, one of the major application markets. Add calcium carbonate, sodium m of rubber, the vulcanized rubber l long rate, tear-off performance, compression deformation and bend-resistant performance, high calcium carbonate than the general added. Join resin after acid treatment of the nano-calcium carbonate, some of Yu-Polystyrene tear strength increased by 4 times higher than

Nano-calcium carbonate in the feed industry, can be used as calcium supplements, increase the amount of feed calcium; in the use of cosmetics, because of its high purity, good whiteness, fine particle size, can replace titanium dioxide.

Nanometer active calcium carbonate for industrial preparation methods. The method in a certain concentration of Ca (OH) 2 suspension solution which leads to carbon dioxide gases. By Ca (OH) 2 suspension temperature, carbon dioxide gas flow control nucleation of calcium carbonate nucleation rate; the carbonation to the formation of certain nuclei numbers, controlled by the nucleation into a crystal growth control, at this time Join crystal regulator controls the growth rate of various crystal faces, so as to achieve controlled morphology; to continue to the end of carbonation by adding dispersant particle surface charge adjustment may have dispersed cubic calcium carbonate nanoparticles; and then were dispersed cubic nano-carbonate Liquid calcium particles coated treatment. Obtained nanometer active calcium carbonate particles in the 25 ~ 100nm between the controlled, cubic, BET surface area greater than 25m2 / g, particle size distribution GSD was 1.57, oil absorption value of less than 28g/100gCaCO3, and no agglomeration. The excellent performance obtained can be used as high-grade rubber, plastics and automotive paint in the function of filler.

Of a nanometer active calcium carbonate for industrial preparation methods, their characteristics is that the method includes the following steps: (1) Ca (OH) 2 suspension fluid, which leads to a gas containing CO2, carbonation to the carbonation rate of 5 ~ 40% by adding crystal regulator, to continue to carbonation to pH 8.0 ~ 9.0, by adding the surface charge and steric regulator to continue to carbonation to pH 6 to 7.5, generate a cubic nanometer calcium carbonate; said crystal form regulation agent for the phosphate, sulfate, acetate salt, citric acid salt, a single sugar or a polysaccharide, and mixtures thereof, the amount of slurry by adding the weight of 0.05 ~ 3.0%; said surface charge and steric regulation agent for the phosphate, sulfate, chloride, triethanolamine, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate in one or more; surface charge and steric regulator of adding amount of CaCO3 weight of 0.1 ~ 4.0% ; (2) fatty acids or water-soluble titanium coupling agent in the preparation of one or two kinds of aqueous coating agent; said fatty acids C12 ~ C18 fatty acid; (3) heating the nano-calcium carbonate slurry to 45 ~ 95 , and then add coated agent, coating agent to the amount of added weight of calcium carbonate is 0.5 ~ 3.5%, coating processing time is 0.5 ~ 3.5 a small time will be slurry filtration, drying, or to obtain nanometer active calcium carbonate.
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Nano Calcium Carbonate

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