Fighting Cancer With Calcium!

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Research for writing these articles on pH, has improved my health so much. My goal is to help improve your health as much as I am improving mine. It seemed that the urine pH tests were not as accurate as I wanted them to be. The need to have the most accurate results from pH testing lead me on several weeks of research. Now I have the answer that I was looking for!

One day I decided to check the pH of my saliva. It was as Alkaline as I wanted my pH to be! I was surprised! So then I immediately checked my urine pH. It was acidic. So why are the few Doctors that do tell their patients to check their pH, telling them to check their urine? All those months I was so frustration, while I tried and tried to keep my urine pH Alkaline.

Now I know in order for the pH of urine to be Alkaline, minerals especially calcium, would have to be wasted or flushed from the body. Since that is not the cause, my urine pH should be Acidic. The pH of saliva should be Alkaline, if a person is healthy, and does not have a calcium/mineral deficiency.

It is so easy to check the pH of your saliva! Just have your Litmus Paper handy, and then spit into your hand. I suggest doing this first thing in the morning. Then stick the litmus paper into your spit. Three seconds later you will have your test results. A healthy pH should be in the range of 7.2 and up to 10.

Here is what I have discovered. My yearly check-up shows that I do not have cancer! I am happy to say that I am healthy! My salvia tests show that I have a pH about 8, and urine pH is around 6.8. I am helping a woman that is on Chemo to learn about having a healthy pH. Her salvia pH is Acidic, meaning that her body is low on minerals. Since she is losing calcium, her urine pH is Alkaline. Sugar blocks the absorption of calcium. That would cause a calcium deficiency, which lowers the body pH. I have suggested that she quit eating sugar.

Processed sugar also weakens the immune system, and pulls oxygen from the cells. When you are fighting cancer you need your immune system to be as strong as possible!

Calcium has a pH level of 9! The calcium I am taking x2 is a 500 mg tablet with extra Vitamin D. (you need the "D" to help your body absorb calcium,) Using 8 ounces of acidic water and 1 tablet of calcium I did an experiment. I allowed the tablet to dissolve for 1 hour before I stirred the water and checked its pH. Yes, the water was now Alkaline! Please note: you need Vitamin D in supplemental form and from sunshine directly to your skin. Adding Calcium and Vitamin D into your daily routine is very important to your pH health.

During all this research I have discovered that many other diseases, not just cancer, can be directly related to a low pH. You will need to do your own research on these, but I have learned that Alzheimer's, Heart Disease and even Premenstrual Symptoms can be helped by improving the pH level to Alkalinity!

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My web-site has the Alkaline Food List, and other helpful information if you are wanting to increase your pH to Alkalinity. Also, I have more detailed information about checking and reading your pH test strip. I care about you, and all the information on my site is "FREE."

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Fighting Cancer With Calcium!

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This article was published on 2010/03/31