Coral Calcium And How It Benefits You

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Nature is endowed with healing characteristics. Nature is the true healer and not anything else. It is the medicine. History says that the existence of the earth came into being after the oceans receded a bit that is when, life began on the land. It therefore comes as no surprise if someone told us that oceans contain the key to good life on earth! After all, it was everything earth is about today!

One of the oceans many treasures is the coral. It is the greatest example of biodiversity and represents the crucial link in the marine food chain. Corals are the richest natural sources of calcium and that is why they are being used in the food and drugs industry more than ever before. However, there are two types of corals that are available. One is the fossilized coral that is a natural formation and is a biodiversity hotspot. And the other is the natural coral grown for industrial purpose. The best natural Coral comes from Okinawa, Japan. Using the fossilized corals is currently banned in nearly all countries owing to the biodiversity value of them.

Scientists study such fossilized corals to procure important data and fill in the missing links in the study of the prehistoric ages. And in any case, the fossilized corals contain a lot of other unwanted minerals too that are unfit for human consumption. Therefore the only corals that are the best source of natural calcium are the corals found in the waters of the Pacific in Okinawa, Japan. Calcium is the single most important mineral in our body that controls all the function of mostly all other minerals, salts, vitamins and hormones. The functionality of such minerals largely depends on the level of calcium in the body.

Coral Calcium and its benefits

If we had to choose only milk (or dairy products) for our daily requirement of calcium, the total amount to be taken would be enormous. However, thankfully we dont have to deal with such monstrosity; we can choose to supplement our food with calcium from other sources of which, the coral source is the most important. Coral calcium is chemically a compound called calcium carbonate. It is not chalk, though. For obvious reasons, the predecessors of the coral reefs could be the limestone caves from where the calcium carbonate comes.

Interestingly, it is also widely believed, especially in Okinawa part of Japan that even the waters of the coral reef off the coast in the same place is of medicinal value and plays a vital role in maintaining their longevity and healthy life. They attribute their long life to the corals as well as the great water around the place where these are grown. Slowly, industries began to show interest in the same and thus emerged pharmaceutical industries and giants who became pioneers in manufacturing external calcium supplements from corals. Amazingly, calcium from corals (from Okinawa, Japan) seems to work more than calcium supplements from any other source!
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Coral Calcium And How It Benefits You

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This article was published on 2010/10/02