5 Facts About Coral Calcium

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These days the craze for authentic coral calcium has gone through the roof! Everybody seems to be after the wonder calcium supplement without actually knowing the facts about the same. This lack of knowledge of the product is being exploited by spurious dealers and sell you the fossilized version of the coral calcium or even cheap quality calcium carbonate powder, in case your source for drug procurement is not authentic.

5 facts about coral calcium are listed here as the battle against the myths goes on!

1. Stay Young: The main difference between normal calcium supplements and coral calcium is that the latter contains a whole lot of other minerals too that help in slowing down aging! That also includes prevention of sagging skin for those who are worried about Botox therapies! The other minerals combined with the coral calcium from Okinawa, Japan help maintain the pH balance in the body and at the same time, slow down the aging process.

2. Strengthen Your Bones and Keep Healthy: Corals are the richest source of calcium present in nature. The fossilized version is majorly calcium too but it also contains a lot of other harmful metal salts as well. But the coral calcium found in the shores of Okinawa is the best in the industry. These corals are specially farmed these days to keep up with the increasing consumption of the same day by day.

Calcium which is present in the body and in the blood stream works wonders by strengthening bones and joints in the human body. Proteins may be the starting link of the body, but it is the calcium which maintains the healthy being. Healthy and strong bones also mean a healthier and a robust body! Not to mention the strong white teeth, that would be a reality now. The important part is to inculcate the habit of intake of a balanced diet early on.

3. Ward off Diseases: Calcium as most of us would know helps maintain the acidity in the body. It acts as a pH buffer for those who are more interested in their chemistry. Too much acidity in the body and cells begin to degenerate. Therefore calcium combined with Vitamin D prevents degenerative diseases and thus keeps you up and running from within!

4. Get More Vitamins! One might wonder as to how they could get more vitamins and minerals by supplementing their diet with adequate calcium. It so happens is that the calcium present in the body makes the absorption, synthesis and production of vitamins and minerals in the body in a more pronounced manner. It therefore paves the way for a better vitamin absorption capacity of the body and in turn keeps you free from diseases.

5. Save the Planet: If youre having calcium supplements from the coral reefs in Okinawa, Japan youre actually saving the planet! Your purchase of Okinawa corals ensures that the reefs which are biodiversity hotspots are not destroyed by illegal traders and industries that engage in malpractices. Keeping in tune with the same, youre also preventing the destruction of the natural and crucial link in the marine food chain! Do you bit for the planet insist on coral calcium products!
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5 Facts About Coral Calcium

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This article was published on 2010/10/02